What's New

Here are some items new to our store:

Petits Mots

petits mots tea towels

Petits Mots tea towels are made in Montreal. They measure 18” x 28” and are hand-printed with non-toxic water-based ink on 100% linen. 

Lid Sid

lid sid

Letting off steam! Lid Sid will keep the covers of your pots and pans open when they need some air, and will raise smiles whenever you use him. 

Hug Doug

Hug Doug

Say hello to Hug Doug. He’s never gonna give you up. He’s never gonna let you down. He’s never gonna let go of your soup spoon. Doug is a wonderful guy, committed to saving your spoon from falling in your soup or making a mess of your countertop. Once he has a hold of your spoon, he’ll hug it tightly, elevating it or stopping it from drifting in to a boiling pot. He’s so thoughtful.

Easy Sushi

easy sushi

Rolling Sushi has never been easier…simply lay-in your ingredients, close the cover, then pull the specially designed traction sheet … and voila Easy Sushi® instantly transforms you into a Sushi-master!

Easy Sushi® creates tight professional looking maki rolls in minutes. For the novice to connoisseur, Easy Sushi is durable, hygienic, safe and easy to use!

The patented and award winning device is made from food grade plastic in France. The dishwasher safe roller cleans quickly and easily and the reusable traction sheet can be replaced when required.

Experiment with new flavours and customize your sushi to your own tastes. Although designed for maki-sushi rolls Easy Sushi® works with many different wraps … rice paper, crepes, tortillas and even leaf wraps! From delectable appetizers, traditional full size maki rolls to irresistible dessert rolls…your imagination is the limit with Easy Sushi®!


Roasting Laurel

roasting laurel 2 compact

roasting laurel 3 compactroasting laurel 4 compact

This silicone roasting aid is heat resistant to 500 degrees F and keeps your bird or roast up and out of the unhealthy fats and nasty burned bits in the bottom of your roasting pan. It helps your roast to brown more evenly around the sides and eliminates sticking.  It's bendable shape allows you to mold Laurel to fit your needs.  It's easy to clean, dishwasher safe and non-scratch.