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Bold Mirage Cooler Glass - 15 ounce

Bold Mirage Cooler Glass - 15 ounce

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Serve breathtaking cocktails by the pool or on the rooftop, or toast under the stars with the world's brightest, clearest, most brilliant alternative to crystal. Perfectly weighted, Bold Drinkware is a pleasure to use and features fantastically thoughtful touches to elevate each sip to an experience. Each piece is crafted to be nearly indistinguishable from crystal by sight and features a shine unlike anything else. The secret?

Crystal Sapphire features our proprietary trademarked formula that has been specifically developed to provide unparalleled shine and world renowned clarity from the first use to the twentieth to the two thousandth. Dazzlingly radiant without compromise, Crystal Sapphire is bold, brilliant, and virtually unbreakable. Dishwasher safe, FDA approved.

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